Friday, August 14, 2009

Four Eyes

Hannah sneaks Dad's reading glasses at EVERY opportunity!

Hannah's first tooth cleaning

Hannah gets her teeth cleaned!!

THE DENTIST! this normal?! My child LOVED going to the dentist! What in the world?! :) Enjoy this clip :)

Little pool...lots of fun :)

Yesterday we went to the Big Lake and Hannah had so much fun with the waves! But, when we can't get to the lake, a little pool will have to do :)

Red Dress

Hannah loves this red dress...but very soon she will be too tall for it ;)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Because I said so!

OH KNOW! IT'S BEGUN. Hannah said her first "Why Mom?" yesterday, to which I found myself replying...."Because I said so!" :) Unbelieveable! Since when did she learn to ask that question?! This is already driving me crazy! Today she has asked that question probably 5 times...and it's only 10:15am!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

GOTCHA DAY! The 4th of July

Well, it's been one year since our adoption of Hannah Grace Roksana was complete....GOTCHA DAY is what that is called. We had never heard of that saying until's the day when your adopted child is finally and legally YOURS! Hannah's Gotcha Day is July 4th. Isn't that great?! :) We can hardly believe that one whole year has gone by. It has been a year filled with many struggles, but overall...the pure joy is beyond anything we could have imagined. God has been so gracious towards us. We are THANKFUL and overflowing with happiness ;)